Rundle Mall Lantern

Adelaide City Council strives to create and support a dynamic, diverse and growing City, yet one which still values its unique heritage. The Council’s vision is for the City to be a vibrant, populous and sustainable Capital City built upon Adelaide’s heritage and lifestyle.To support this vision and defined as a crucial element of their Strategic Plan, the Council required a local priority location for new artwork based on the Council’s programming of major improvements of the City’s streets and public spaces.The ‘Rundle Mall Lantern’ concept was developed to enable the Council to create a digital public art space for local Adelaide artists, to foster creativity and activate the city’s public spaces in a culturally vibrant way.

Best viewed from Adelaide’s iconic Rundle Mall, the Lantern’s designs are driven by computer software that showcases colourful and moving imagery and digital artworks by night, whilst creating a contemporary architectural experience during the day.Key services used within this project included:
  • Consultation, planning and strategy
  • Site survey
  • Design and documentation
  • Project management
  • Provision and utilisation of safety access equipment
  • Manufacture and installation
The Council’s vision to invigorate and enliven the intersection of Pulteney Street and Rundle Mall, whilst providing an innovative platform for local artists, was achieved with great success and continues to be a fundamental value-enabler to the City’s culture today.
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