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The past, present and future of Signcraft!

Mission Statement

By performing common tasks uncommonly well, our mission is to exceed client expectations to ensure they STAND OUT within their busy environments.

Using superior manufacturing equipment and offering a comprehensive range of services, we’ll deliver dynamic signage solutions that add value to our client’s businesses and provide meaning to their customers.

Our vision is to be the preferred signage manufacturer for bespoke, innovative, and high-quality branding solutions worldwide.

Values and Culture



We collaborate as one team to deliver outstanding results for the customer.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We constantly seek innovative opportunities to drive our business to be the best.



We are fast and flexible in adapting to the marketplace and customer needs.



Our customers are always front of mind and at the core of every decision we make.



We are open and honest and always deliver on our commitments.

Partner with a safe, qualified & socially responsible supplier


A message from our CEO

Kim Nauntofte

Welcome to Signcraft.

Having worked in the signage manufacturing industry for over 25 years across Europe, South America, and Asia, I feel incredibly privileged to be writing this message as the Chief Executive Officer of Signcraft.

1971 was a big year for businesses in Australia, with McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Burson Auto Parts all entering the Australian market. Paccar proudly rolled their first Australian Kenworth truck off the production line, and SeaWorld opened on the Gold Coast. Meanwhile, in Victoria, Sam King was creating high-quality signage with exceptional customer service. His vision was to perform common tasks uncommonly well, and just like that, Signcraft was born.

Sam, a qualified signwriter, started supplying functional and fit-for-purpose signage solutions after recognising that quality signage and exceptional customer service did not necessarily go together. By filling that gap in the market, Signcraft soon became an industry leader. Today, more than 50 years later, Signcraft is still a leader in the signage manufacturing industry, providing those same solutions across the nation and soon globally. The enduring success of the business is made possible by achieving strong financial independence, establishing an unrivalled manufacturing facility, and developing a highly skilled, client-focused, dedicated workforce.

Research shows that the signage industry is growing rapidly.  As it expands, the pivotal role of high-quality, purpose-built signage becomes increasingly significant.  It is essential for businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors, stand out and create a lasting impression on their customers.

In 2021, I announced an exciting joint venture between Signcraft and my signage company, Colorlux. This strategic partnership has taken the Signcraft business to the next level with even greater reach and increased manufacturing capabilities all while maintaining Sam’s original vision of high-quality signage and exceptional customer service. Based in the Philippines, Colorlux, like Signcraft, is a significant player in the signage market and operates out of a large-scale manufacturing facility. This powerful new alliance has already demonstrated its value.

Following the collaboration with Colorlux, Signcraft took another significant step in July 2023 by acquiring Wholesale Signco, a signage company based in Sydney. This move re-established Signcraft’s manufacturing operations in New South Wales.

I am a firm believer of investing in people, processes, and technology. These three pillars play a crucial role in Signcraft’s on-going commitment to creating high-quality signage, providing exceptional customer service, and ensuring our clients achieve comprehensive branding success.

Signcraft’s future is a diverse and inclusive one, promoting values such as integrity, teamwork, agility, customer centricity and an entrepreneurial spirit. I am committed to ensuring we have the right people in the right roles, continuously upskilling our workforce across our seven trades and supporting services.

Watch this space as Signcraft embarks on a new phase of evolution, carrying forward Sam’s legacy of performing common tasks uncommonly well for another 50+ years.

The history of Signcraft


It all started with a man, an orange dot and a small Strathmore (Victoria) garage

With a team of 6, Signcraft expanded into a factory within Ascot Vale (Victoria) 

Signcraft relocated to Kensington (Victoria); however, without much local work due to the recession, Sam & his team hit the road. He returned from QLD with a team of over 40

The 90s’ saw another expansion, remaining in the suburb of Kensington (VIC). Signcraft was working on large scale projects such as Telstra Dome Sky Signage

Signcraft branched out and established the business in South Australia

Strengthening the Signcraft brand along the east coast, Signcraft expands into NSW

Continuing the east coast trend, Signcraft opens a QLD branch

Now referred to as The Signcraft Group; Sam builds a purpose built factory in Altona North (Victoria).

Completing a national presence, Signcraft opened its doors in Western Australia

Signcraft national rebrand

Signcraft becomes the sole licence holder of WAYFINDIT in Australia

Signcraft celebrated 50 years of success

Signcraft & Colorlux commence on an exciting joint venture journey

The Signcraft business provides a comprehensive end-to-end service for clients in every industry.

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