Protection (Maintenance)

Routine and On-Demand Maintenance Programs 

We understand that the branding journey doesn’t stop once signage has been installed.

Recognising the importance of sustainability and longevity, we offer complete maintenance and property service programs to protect and maximise the life of your investment.

Signage Repairs & Preservation

Custom maintenance programs are created to fit your brand’s specifications and needs. With extensive reach around Australia and global partnerships, we can create and deliver exclusive programs that focus on your brand’s unique needs and requirements.

Electrical, Maintenance & Upgrades

Our expert team of professionals has the experience to handle all electrical maintenance and upgrade jobs according to all Australian safety regulations. This includes, maintaining electrical componentry that can erode over time, thus presenting a safety hazard if not maintained.

Permits, Equipment & Warranty

With all the necessary access equipment on hand to complete all maintenance requirements, we are experienced in obtaining all required permits that satisfy all national safety demand. We offer extended warranties on application to all projects.

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