There is more to signage than you think.

Our experienced project specialists offer an in-depth consultation service conceived to answer all of these questions and so many more.

We have developed an end-to-end service offering to ensure your signage and brand elements are designed, manufactured and installed in a way that brings value to your business and meaning to your customers.

Your signage and its placement are unique and need to be practical and easily understood by your customers. That’s why we work closely with you to develop and define your project goals and objectives. Our consultation service includes brand audits and assessments, site surveys and technical documentation reviews.

This service isn’t just limited to the beginning of your project.

This service isn’t just limited to the beginning of your project. Our team will consult with you through every stage of your project, including before, during and after project delivery.

Brand audit & assessment

An optimised brand presence is crucial for success in today’s rapidly growing world. Your Brand Optimisation Report will determine the most effective way to display your brand to reach your target audience, enable customer recognition and build a better customer experience. Our high-level analysis will result in solutions to address location and wayfinding challenges and recommendations for additional opportunities to achieve the maximum brand impact.

Site survey

Site surveys & site audits are crucial when building the scope of a project, no matter the size. Site surveys capture accurate technical information specific to the current state of an individual location. We can approach your project without unknown risk and unexpected modifications whilst capturing the best possible branding opportunities to deliver on your unique vision by conducting surveys and audits.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation is a fundamental prerequisite for councils and building authorities across the country. They are essential for timely and cost-effective approvals. The development of technical documentation is preparing detailed and accurate drawings and supporting documentation of the proposed project, specific to individual council requirements.

Asset management and facilities management

We use a customised platform tailored specifically to each client’s ongoing asset management needs to capture and record data.

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