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Signage design and engineering is a detailed and complex process.

Every product needs to be developed and qualified with a safe and buildable strategy in mind while also adhering to federal and state-based regulations. 

Our Graphic Design and Engineering team at Signcraft specialise in signage. From brand implementation strategies through to value engineering, design audits and prototypes, we can help! Early engagement is always best; however, our qualified team can provide value from concept discussions right up to the construction phase.

Aligning with the Signcraft vision, our team has a goal to exceed client expectations.

That’s why we listen to our clients and deliver functional, fit-for-purpose and high-quality signage solutions. We use specialised technology and design software to create technical plans and drawings that will satisfy all project stakeholders needs and requirements.

Brand implementation

We are able to work with brand agencies and end client to develop a range of branding solutions from conceptual designs through to detailed construction drawings. With a unique combination of both graphic design and engineering capabilities, we remove the risk of non-buildability.

Value engineering

Our Engineering and Design teams collaborate through a cross-functional process of qualifying, advising, and modifying existing designs, substitute materials and manufacturing methods with cost-effective alternatives, and developing unique and buildable product alternatives without sacrificing functionality. We are constantly evolving our value-engineering options in line with rapidly growing technology to remove risk for our clients.

Plans & drawings audit

We offer a completely unrivalled in-house design experience. With the unique combination of both graphic design and engineering capabilities, we review and audit all projects all the way through to construction.


During the design stage, we can also develop signage samples and prototypes for approval. The sampling process helps ensure signage is on-brand and the materials meet client expectations.

A brand’s physical design can have a significant impact on a customers decision to purchase.

It’s essential to display your brand image in a way that resonates with your customer and brings value to your brand.

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