Why do you need signage?

To be successful in business today, you need to be knowledgeable in your field, provide quality services or products, offer value for money, and understand your financial requirements; however, signage is another essential element for success. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten and often only implemented as an afterthought. In today’s busy and highly competitive market, developing a robust signage strategy that brings value to your business and has meaning to your customers is essential for success. 

Signage can help you get noticed and increase brand awareness which will help drive sales and encourage repeat business. It is a cost-efficient marketing strategy that will reflect your business’s quality, offer you a competitive edge, and be a highly effective communication tool. Think of it as an extension to your customer service offering. 

Brand awareness, sales and repeat business

Your signage should be designed, manufactured and installed in a way that conveys both prospective and existing customers about your brand. It will authenticate your brand persona and connect with your unique target audience. When designed and implemented effectively, it will also assist in building brand awareness and increasing brand recognition. Everything from sky signs and building identifiers to statutory and wayfinding signage will promote a positive brand image and enable an enjoyable customer experience. 

Marketing and communication strategies are key.

Many promotional marketing tools like print media, billboards and television are bundled with ongoing costs the longer you wish to advertise. With external and internal signage, you have one upfront cost and a branded promotion tool that will likely serve you for years.  

In time and conjunction with personal experiences, signage will communicate with your audience on many subconscious levels. Quality signage often signifies quality service. What would you think of a company’s service if you saw their building was run down with a cracked, unsteady, and poorly illuminated sign? Brands invested in selling high-quality products and services should invest in quality branding.  

From a communication viewpoint, wayfinding and directional signage will not only help your customers navigate your store or building, but they can also help answer questions before they arise. Have you ever been to the store and walked every aisle twice before finally asking someone ‘where would I find [insert your item here]? Strategically placed & detailed wayfinding removes frustrations. When implemented correctly, it will supply the customer with the right information at the right time in the right place resulting in a smooth and enjoyable customer journey. A happy customer is likely to become a loyal customer, and loyal customers are more likely to promote your business.  

The negative impact of poor signage

Unplanned and rushed signage can have an adverse impact on your business. A poorly implemented strategy (or the lack of a signage strategy altogether) can cause confusion and/or overstimulation that will likely result in a poor customer experience. A 2020 survey by CCMS confirmed that dissatisfied customers would tell twice as many people about their negative experiences, and 17% will seek to raise public awareness about the issues, so it’s important to invest some time and money into signage and get it right from the beginning. 

According to the Signage Foundation, signs have a notable and positive impact on sales. In one study, over 60% of businesses report a 10% increase in sales simply by adding or updating their signage. Is 2022 the year you invest or upgrade? 


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