The Untapped Potential of Signage: Harnessing the Power of Owned Marketing

Signcraft would like to share the Podcast our CEO Kim Nauntofte did on the “Talking Automotive with Mark and John” Channel on YouTube.

“Talking Automotive with Mark and John” is an informative Podcast that discusses related topics that range from car manufacturing to vehicle disposal, and anything related to the automotive industry in total.

In this Podcast Kim talked with hosts Mark and John about the future of signage in the automotive industry and goes into depth about how the signage industry is changing and the importance of branding and signage.

Kim also shares how internal signage is changing and becoming more interactive. Signage has a huge impact on your customers experience whether they are driving, walking, or waiting for trains at a station. In this video we look at some of the different types of signage that may be used as well as some examples of good use of signage within automotive retail stores. In this video we also discuss what type of technology is available in today’s market and how it can benefit businesses in all industries.

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