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What is fascia signage?


Any signage that covers a vertical or horizontal section of a building, typically just below the roof of the building. Depending on the design of the building, fascia is also used across the leading face of a shop awning.

When do I need fascia signage?

Fascia signage is essential as a means of identifying your building so that people can differentiate you from other surrounding businesses. It is often the first sign people will see and therefore is a crucial opportunity to communicate your brand and your message before the customer even enters your office. 

Benefits of fascia signage
  • Assists people to find you much more easily as they get closer to you
  • Larger and more striking signs can be seen from a long distance and therefore impact many more people
  • Extremely flexible in terms of shape and can contain illuminated or non-illuminated elements
  • Typically one of the main signage elements on your building / shop and a great opportunity to make a big impact
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