Fabricated Letter Signs

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What is a Fabricated Letter?

3D letters that are manufactured typically from aluminium or acrylic or can be fabricated virtually from any material. Available in varying depths to suit your needs with different illumination options, fabricated letters make a bold statement for your brand.

When do I need a Fabricated Letter?

If your brand marks are typically straight-edged designs, one-off or short-run production, then fabricated letters are more suited to your signage requirements. Unlike moulded acrylic, fabricated letters ensure sharp, crisp edging as opposed to curvature throughout the lettering.

Benefits of Fabricated Letters

  • Painted to any colour or decorated with full colour digital prints to perfectly represent your identity
  • Lightweight options to support specific environmental needs
  • Powder coated for longevity
  • Available in different finishes and designs to bring in an element of differentiation
  • Brand representation during both day & night

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