Why you should be maintaining your signage.

Any reasonable and experienced signage manufacturer/supplier/installer will tell you that signage maintenance, while often overlooked, is essential for preserving and extending the life of your signage.

When people think about their brand and branding, they often think about their logo, symbols, slogan and/or jingles etc. What doesn’t always come to mind is signage, which is crazy because your signage advertises your business (sometimes 24/7), it helps customers find their way around, it represents your brand to the masses, and it differentiates you from your competitors.

You invest hard time, money, effort and thought into creating meaningful, eye-catching signage for your brand, so why don’t you invest in its maintenance?

It’s important when progressing with signage to consider elements like location, accessibility and weather conditions. Experienced signage manufacturers, like Signcraft, have signage specialists in-house who can make those considerations for you and provide recommendations based on the results. One thing we all know for sure is that nothing lasts forever. So, what can you do to increase the time your signage will stay looking its best? It’s simple… signage maintenance.

Honda logo being removed for maintenance by abseiling signage installers

Signage maintenance increases longevity

It’s important to note some material warranties require evidence of reoccurring care to validate claims. With a simple maintenance schedule/program, you have peace of mind that your signage will last in line with your expectations. Outside of warranties, sign maintenance can keep your colours vibrant, reduce damage to surfaces and keep the lights shining bright.

Signage maintenance can help protect your signs against the weather

Direct sunlight and harsh UV rays, wind, heat, cold, hail and dirt are all uncontrollable weather conditions that could affect the appearance of your sign. Maintenance services can refresh and repair signage structures and surfaces before that damage gets worse and potentially becomes expensive to correct. External signage should be cleaned at least once a year to protect it from the build-up of weather elements.

Maintenance can support the high-quality representation of your brand

A research article published by The Marketing Review has positively linked visual brand identity & perceived brand reputation. A clean, clear, bright sign that stands out amongst its competition is likely to be looked upon as a better brand to buy from/work with than one whose sign is dull, dirty and damaged. Maintaining a strong brand image requires ongoing commitments and investments into your brand, but they don’t have to be costly. The fear of expensive maintenance programs often comes from companies who have left repair work too late, and the damage is often irreversible.


We could dive into sustainability for hours; however, let’s bring it back to using resources. If you let your sign fade, flicker and break, then it’s more than likely you will likely need a new sign. However, you could easily extend your signs life by having it cleaned frequently and making occasional repairs. Maintenance uses fewer resources and potentially saves you a few dollars in the long run by extending the life of your signage.

Planning for your future

Try not to look at signage maintenance as just another annoying expense. It’s an investment into your business, to your brand reputation and your future. If you have damaged signage that needs looking at or have questions about signage maintenance programs, you can contact us via the form below or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 744 633.


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