NSW Manufacturing is back!

Signcraft is excited to formally announce that as of the 1st of July 2023 manufacturing in NSW is back. The acquisition of Wholesale Signco has meant that manufacturing has returned to NSW. The former owner of Wholesale Signco, David Blomfield, is now working closely as Signcraft’s Consultant and candidly shares his view below.

… “In the world of high-quality signage, our team is truly unmatched. We have a passion for excellence that runs deep within us, stemming from our collective experience working for the renowned Signcraft Group in the past. In fact, 70% of our team members have been part of Signcraft at some point, gaining invaluable manufacturing expertise over a combined 100 years.

Around 8 months ago, Kim Nauntofte, Signcraft’s CEO, approached us to explore how we could assist with overflow projects. However, we soon realized that our team had much more to offer, and now Wholesale Signco has officially been acquired by Signcraft, marking an exciting new chapter for all of us.

The synergy between Sam King and Kim, has been a game-changer for Signcraft. Kim’s unparalleled industry knowledge, coupled with his ownership of a successful signage company in the Philippines, has created a dynamic partnership that benefits both businesses. Moreover, Signcraft has forged additional partnerships in Thailand and China, expanding our reach and capabilities. 

With Signcraft NSW manufacturing back in full swing, our future looks exceptionally promising. We are ready to elevate the standards of signage production and continue delivering outstanding results for our valued clients. Signcraft NSW manufacturing is back, and we can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey.”

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