Wayfinding Signage

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What is Wayfinding signage?

All signage that guides people through a space or environment by way of providing directional information. Comprehensive wayfinding systems often combine signage with maps, symbols, colours, instructions, and/or other communications.

When do I need Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is all about enhancing your customers’ experience. Over time, environments develop and can become more and more complex. Whether a campus site, single level site or multi-storey building; wayfinding connects your customers to your brand and your unique space.

Benefits of Wayfinding signage

  • Enhance your customers understanding and experience of the space itself
  • Allow your customers to make key decisions as to the direction they choose to take within your space
  • Provide your customers with recognition once they have arrived at their chosen destination
  • Utilise technology to support the growing expectations of the modern world

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