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About the industry

In 2019/20, Australia’s tourism sector was outpacing growth in the broader economy. Rising inbound, domestic tourist and business traveller demands had boosted hotel and serviced apartment occupancy. Today, despite the global pandemic, over 5,000 new hotel rooms have been added to the Australian market. Looking ahead, there are another 32,000 potential rooms planned for the Australian hotel industry, with over 12,800 of those predicted to open by 2022.

Industry challenges

One of the primary challenges of creating signage for the industry is enabling flexibility for changing messages, maximising creativity and increasing a brand’s impact.

Our solutions

We can manufacture and install all signage requirements for the hotel & hospitality industry, including unique custom designs and feature pieces. We have partnered with some of Australia’s largest industry partners and global brands to roll out a full suite of signage. We work closely with our clients to overcome any branding challenges, ensure compliance to the NCC (building codes), meet branding specifications and exceed expectations throughout every stage of the project.

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