The Untapped Potential of Signage: Harnessing the Power of Owned Marketing

Signcraft would like to share the Podcast our CEO Kim Nauntofte did on the “Talking Automotive with Mark and John” Channel on YouTube. “Talking Automotive with Mark and John” is an informative Podcast that discusses related topics that range from car manufacturing to vehicle disposal, and anything related to the automotive industry in total. In […]

Signcraft’s recent installation of Solar Panels

At Signcraft, we are delighted to share our recent installation of Solar Panels at our Head office and Manufacturing location at Altona North in Victoria.  In our commitment to sustainability, to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We installed 198 kW system that includes 450 solar panels. This means that Signcraft Solar […]

NSW Manufacturing is back!

Signcraft is excited to formally announce that as of the 1st of July 2023 manufacturing in NSW is back. The acquisition of Wholesale Signco has meant that manufacturing has returned to NSW. The former owner of Wholesale Signco, David Blomfield, is now working closely as Signcraft’s Consultant and candidly shares his view below. … “In […]

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