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About the industry

There are currently 56 automotive brands in the Australian market, and competition between brands is at an all-time high. While stock shortages, price increases and COVID-19 temporarily impacted the market, 2021 appears to be bouncing back.

Industry challenges

The automotive industry has undergone a metamorphosis since the pandemic as the customer base is now more focused on seeking new digital experiences. As such, how do you differentiate your brand from your competitors?

Our solutions

At Signcraft, we can create a physical brand image that’s memorable and resonates with your customers. With almost fifty years of experience working with the automotive industry, we have established a prominent reputation for successfully managing major brand implementation programs.

Our unique understanding of the industry and the services required to implement solutions has seen Signcraft roll out rebrands and refurbishments for over major 20 brands and hundreds of dealerships and independent businesses. In almost all cases, we recognise that we work for two clients, the automotive brand and the dealer principal, and both must be completely satisfied with the result.

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