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About the industry

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2020-21, there was a 7.6% increase in financial corporations, taking the number of businesses in the industry to a total of 84,664. As consumer demand for financial services such as Owner-Occupied Homeloans, Wealth Management, Traditional Banking and Direct Investments increases, this industry is becoming more and more competitive.

Industry challenges

Now that more businesses are operating online, building brand trust and recognition with customers for brick and mortar stores are becoming increasingly important. Engaging in financial services is often a personal choice; therefore, brands need to build awareness, show authenticity, nurture relationships and remain front-of-mind with their customers.

Our solutions

Whether you are trying to stand out from your competitors or identifying multiple branches, Signcraft can help! Our signage solutions are manufactured with quality materials for quality results because consistent, high-quality products help instill trust and credibility. Many Australians worry about money, so understandably, they’re not going to trust just anyone with their hard-earned dollars. As a financial establishment, you must portray professionalism, skill, and authenticity in your physical branding, signage, and services.

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