Goornong Station

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The Project In Review

In October 2021, we were engaged by Symal Infrastructure to manufacture and install the Goornong Station signage as part of the Victorian Regional Rail Revival project.

Symal and their end client [PTV] had clear project objectives; deliver the project on time and on-brand. 

Our partnership with Symal is new; however, we have a long & recognisable history of successfully completing rail signage projects and building long-lasting partnerships in the transport, infrastructure, and construction clients.

Goornong VIC platform ID Rail Signage
Rail Signage

Working together for success

This project was heavily reliant upon teamwork due to short time frames, multiple site stakeholders and many moving parts. On-time and on-brand completion was achieved with clear and concise communication, collaboration, flexibility & agility from all stakeholders.

Project management was made considerably more difficult during this time by Victoria’s COVID-19 working from home policies. However, it all paid off with dedication and persistence when Goornong Station opened, as planned on Sunday, 12 December 2021. 

Trains now pass through this small rural town daily for the first time in 42 years.

Project Challenges

By the time we were formally appointed as Signage consultants for the Goornong Station signage project, it had a deadline of just over two months for final installation. 

Every Signcraft department was engaged from initial consultation to final site sign-off. 

We obtained a comprehensive understanding of the project early and worked diligently with Symal throughout to ensure all permits were in place and the site was accessible for signage audits and installation. 

Our team also worked closely with PTV’s design team to ensure everything from colour to tone of voice was on-brand.

Rail Signage
Information Rail Signage

Services and Products

The Goornong Station project flowed through almost every facet of our business, from consultation and design engineering to site surveys, manufacturing, installation, and project management. 

Our ability to take on any project with a short turnaround supports our unsurpassed capability and flexibility in meeting our client’s needs. 

This small regional station included signage work consisting of identification and wayfinding signage, station name signs, platform IDs, flag signs, braille, statutory and information and accessibility signage. 

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