Health and Hospitals

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About the industry

The Federal Government continues to invest heavily in healthcare and plans for Australia to maintain its world-class health system.

Industry challenges

The biggest challenge for the industry in recent times has been the global pandemic. Communicating clearly and concisely with staff, contractors, patients, and visitors is essential to ensure navigation around the facility is stress-free and straightforward. Furthermore, brand trust is a crucial element for patient loyalty.

Our solutions

We work with our clients to identify their unique on-site requirements. External signage in the healthcare space provides businesses with an opportunity to connect and instill trust with their patients and guests. It also sends a subliminal message about the facility’s ability to provide high-quality care. Once inside, the implementation of internal signage is essential to ensure a smooth and (where possible) enjoyable customer experience. At Signcraft, we have partnered with health providers and hospitals all around the country, from critical signage consultation to end-to-end manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

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