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About the industry

The Government sector covers a wide range of projects and services, and on multiple occasions, there is a need for highly visual and interactive signage solutions.

There are three levels of Government in Australia, Federal, State & Territory , and Local Councils. Within each sector of government, there are numerous products and services that are offered to all Australians by each tier of government and their various departments. Therefore, the governmental sector requires many idientifiers within their scope.

Industry challenges

Signage and branding requirements for Government and council signage are significantly different to those for commercial organisations. There are over 1,200 government bodies in Australia with locations and facilities across the country, all of which have varying budget methods, sustainability requirements, safety needs, and project visions. The Government at both a federal and state level are investing heavily in Defence, Transport, Health and Education as an ongoing infrastructure sustainability plan into the future.

Our solutions

At Signcraft, we have the capabilities and resources required to meet the diverse needs of all Governments & agencies. From building identifies to library, park and community centre wayfinding.

We have successfully implemented signage solutions for a variety of government departments. In the transport sector, we have secured long-standing relationships that have allowed us to successfully roll out signage rebrands across multiple train stations across Australia.

We also have an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and can provide ‘Enhance’ maintenance programs and apply anti-graffiti and UV protective coatings to extend signage life, upcycle signage upon request, and manage all recycling of old and scrap material in-house.

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