Monolith Signs

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What is Monolith signage?

Similar to a pylon, a monolith is a free-standing structure built on poles, however, it has more of an architectural element to it. All poles are wrapped, but unlike a pylon, they are not visible so that the focus is on the unique and custom design from top to bottom.

When do I need Monolith signage?

Monoliths are often used as identifiers at the front of a site to assist visitors with location recognition. Another common use of a monolith is to integrate with wayfinding to create a more unique way of directing users around a site. Digital screens can also be incorporated in order to bring your brand to the next level.

Benefits of a Monolith signage?

  • The construction of a monolith itself can be completely unique and allows you to replicate your identity with absolute creative freedom
  • Crucial site identifier that can be seen both during the day and at night
  • Visibility from a distance, allowing recognition of location sooner than any other sign type
  • Unique structures that allow you to combine brand identification and wayfinding 

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