The Signcraft process

01 Consult

Project Management
Site Survey & Audits
Brand Assessment
Technical Documentation

Project specialists develop and define project goals and objectives. Offering technical scope management before, during and after project delivery. Monitoring and analyzing project effectiveness using qualitative and quantitative tools, with expert project managers at the lead of each and every single project.

Site surveys & audits are crucial when building the scope of a project, no matter the size. Site surveys capture accurate technical information specific to the current state of an individual location.

By conducting a surveys and audits we can approach your project without unknown risk and unexpected modifications, whilst also capturing the best possible branding opportunities to deliver on your unique vision.

An optimised brand presence is crucial for success in today’s rapidly growing world.  Your Brand Optimisation Report will determine the most effective way to display your brand in order to reach your target audience, enable customer recognition and build a better customer experience. Our high level analysis will result in solutions to address location and wayfinding challenges and recommendations for additional opportunities to achieve the maximum brand impact.

A fundamental prerequisite for councils and building authorities across the country, Technical Documentation is essential for timely and cost-effective approvals. Development of technical documentation is the process of preparing detailed and accurate drawings and documentation of the proposed project, specific to individual council requirements.

02 Design

Brand Implementation
Value Engineering
Plans & Drawings Audit
Budget Administration

We are able to work with both brand agencies and our clients to develop a range of branding solutions from conceptual through to detailed construction drawings. With a unique combination of both graphic design and engineering capabilities, we remove the risk of non-buildability.

Our engineering and design teams collaborate through a cross-functional process of qualifying, advising and modifying existing designs, substitute materials and methods with cost-effective alternatives, to develop unique and buildable product alternative without sacrificing functionality. We are constantly evolving our value-engineering options in-line with rapidly growing technology in order to remove risk for our clients 

 At Signcraft, we offer a completely unrivalled in-house design experience. With the unique combination of both graphic design and engineering capabilities, we review and audit all projects all the way through to construction. 

Project managers keep track of cost budgeting for each project. This includes the estimation of costs, setting a fixed budget, and managing and controlling the actual costs of your project. Budget administration enables a more precise cost budgeting in the case of project scope changes or even if the planned costs are not sufficient.

03 Create

Custom Signage & Branding
National Quality Assurance
Specialist, World-Class Machinery
National Installation Teams

At Signcraft we offer custom solutions to your signage needs, from design to engineering we are specialists with over 48 years of experience in the industry. Specialising in re-brands, new developments and multi-site roll-outs, our consultancy services ensure unique and functional solutions that will bring your branding project to life.

Signcraft meets all health and safety legislations. The health and safety of our employees is vital to our success this is why we are AS-NZS 4801 certified This enables us to offer the highest quality in the industry.

The latest manufacturing machinery we own market leading machinery  & equipment providing us with quality assured processes and manufacturing capabilities, including metal, wood, printing, and painting shops in house, enabling us to produce the highest quality results in the shortest time possible.

With one of the largest installation networks in Australia, we employ technicians who share our vision, to enable success for our client’s brand. With our reach, comes immense flexibility to fit into unique programs, schedules and needs, no matter the size or scope. 

04 Upgrade & Maintenance

National Maintenance Programs
Signage Repairs & Preservation
Electrical Maintenance & Upgrades
Permits, Equipment & Warranty

Custom maintenance programs created to fit your brand’s specifications and needs. With five offices all around Australia our national reach allows us to create and deliver exclusive programs that focus on your brands needs and requirements.

We understand that the branding journey doesn’t stop once signage is installed. Recognising the importance of sustainability, we offer complete maintenance and property service programs to maximise the life of your investment.

Electrical components; present a safety hazard for staff and the public; or can even start fires if not handled correctly. Our expert team of professionals have the experience to handle all electrical maintenance and upgrade jobs in accordance with safety regulations.

With all the necessary access equipment on hand to complete all maintenance requirements, we are experienced in obtaining all required permits that satisfy all national safety demand. We offer extended warranties on application to all projects.

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